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I'd like to address an issue that may be on your mind:
Is this a scam?

To be honest, I'm glad you asked! No, it is definitely not. The information below should help ease your mind.

How can you tell if something’s a scam?

There are thousands of web sites out there making thousands of promises. Certainly many are on the up and up, but many (I daresay the majority) are not. When you haven’t done this before, where do you start, whom do you trust, and how do you know what’s truly possible and what’s a pipe dream? What if the person teaching you how to make money at home doesn’t know much more about it than you do, and their information is misleading or downright false?

Here's one of the best ways to tell: Take a look at their sales copy. Does it sound too good to be true? Then there's a 99.9999999% chance that it is. Simple as that.

Ben is not amused by scammers.

Look at him; you can just tell. He would rather come live with you. He says scammers' pockets are disgusting.

Without guidance, it would probably take you several months of daily examination, if not more, to really get a handle on how to succeed at affiliate marketing. It took me a full year of intensive research to finally feel like I knew the difference between reality and hype, between legitimate programs and scams, between effective methods and things that are a waste of time. I found that some of my efforts had been misdirected because of ignorance. And I did waste money along the way by rushing into things before I knew all the facts. Although I don't feel I was scammed, per se, I do believe I was misled. I lost over $200 to Internet marketers in the “make money online” field who either didn't accurately represent their products or overstated their potential. But those are mistakes you don’t have to make.

But is anything that the scammers say true?

That's a very good question! The short answer is Yes.

Work from the comfort of home! Check.

Make money while you sleep! Check.

Fulfill your financial dreams! Check.

All possible. So what's the problem?

They promise you can attain those goals


Yes, your affiliate marketing business will be generating sales while you sleep. You can work in your ratty bathrobe without even showering if you want, although your significant other may have something to say about that. And it's possible to achieve some lofty goals financially.

But you won't get rich overnight. You won't get rich at all if you don't work hard. And this does take work. Anyone who tells you that you can make thousands of dollars by occasionally cracking open a laptop at poolside is only taking your money to pay for his pool.

You wouldn’t start a brick-and-mortar business expecting it to turn a 5- or 6-figure profit within a month, a year, or even longer, would you? That would be unrealistic, wouldn't it?

Because of the immediate nature of the Internet, people sometimes expect things to happen magically and instantly. If that’s your expectation, you’ll need to either adjust your viewpoint or explore other careers. This is no get-rich-quick scheme.

If you see promises as shown above, run like the wind. I'm telling you right now, making money online without working for it is too good to be true.

*This is ridiculous.

**So is this.

How can you be sure this is not just another scam?

I know you don't know me and may very well wonder whether this course itself is legit. Anyone can say they hate scams and that they would never promote one. And I'm glad your "skeptometer" is working! But rather than bury you in hype, I will simply give you three good reasons to trust that this is for real.

1. I'm not teaching something I don't do successfully myself. I'm an affiliate marketer because, like everybody, we need to pay the bills. My husband and I live in an extremely rural and economically depressed area of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Our whole county has 8,000 people, and in my town of about 1,200, the paper mill that employed about 250 people just closed its doors, which also meant the demise of some of its suppliers. A whole block of businesses burned last year, Chevy pulled their franchise from the local dealership, a nursing home closed, the ambulance left town, the schools are combining, one of the newspapers closed, and I hear we’re not even going to have a DMV office in the county anymore. I think I saw a tumbleweed the other day. Things aren’t so good.

On the plus side, I’m lucky to have Lake Superior virtually at my back door, and lucky/unlucky enough to live where 300 inches of snow is typical, depending on your point of view. But I love living here, and my affiliate marketing business is what makes it possible for me to do that in this rotten economy. When you work from home, it doesn’t matter where you live or where you travel, as long as you have an Internet connection.

2. As I alluded to earlier, I hate hype—the canned, “sincere” voices of marketers who, out of the goodness of their heart, are offering a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity that ends at midnight and will NEVER, EVER be offered again so you must decide IMMEDIATELY but if you try to leave they shout WAIT!!!!! ARE YOU REALLY, REALLY, DOUBLE-TRIPLE SURE YOU WANT TO FOOLISHLY REFUSE THIS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFANTASTERRIFIC OFFER THAT WOULD SOLVE ALL YOUR FAMILY'S MONEY PROBLEMS WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS IF YOU WOULD JUST CLICK OUR BUY NOW BUTTON WHICH FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE IS THE SIZE OF ICELAND?????

Please. Equally annoying are those who claim to hate hype even as they are smothering you with it. I have no desire to go down that road. I may not get as many customers that way, but that's okay. What I'm offering here is real, it's valuable, and no hype is needed.

3. Have I mentioned my distaste for scammers? I would like to divert some of the cash that goes into their pockets into yours and mine instead. Wouldn't you?

How much money can you realistically make?

You’ve probably seen claims from Internet marketers bragging about their obscenely monstrous income. Maybe they’re telling the truth, maybe not. Me? I’m not going to pretend I’ve made millions. I’m still working on that. But giving Donald Trump a run for his money is not my goal. Would it be nice? (The money, I mean, not the hair. Definitely not the hair.) Sure, but I don’t need to be rich. I just want to pay my bills in an uncertain economy, build my savings, and have a little left over for fun. If you take creating your online home business seriously, treat it like a job, and work hard, you will be able to do that and much more.

Too many factors come into play here to give any concrete numbers. The marketers who want a quick and easy buck—well, that's about what they make per day. In fact, I'll tell you right now that a good 95% or more of those who try affiliate marketing will not make a thing (or very, very little). Why? Because it doesn't work? No. Because they don't work.

But you're different, I can tell. :) If you work hard at it, you could make $100 a day. If you treat it like a "real" business and don't give up, you could make $1,000 a day and more.

It is very lucrative if done right. (And there is more than one right way to do this.) The sky is the limit.

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My approach to teaching affiliate marketing

When I started to learn affiliate marketing, I immediately realized there was a whole lot more to it than I had expected. My next thought was: If it’s overwhelming to me, someone who has been building web sites for a dozen years, how on earth are affiliate marketing newbies supposed to sort through and absorb all the information out there and determine which way to go, who to believe, where to even begin?

I’ve been watching newbies on various web forums. Most are just diving in without the slightest clue what to do. Many don’t even have basic computer skills, so they really flounder when it comes to the intricate world of marketing on the Internet.

So I started looking at the various courses and teaching programs out there.

What was missing was basic, detailed, step-by-step instruction for those who have no web background whatsoever or who may lack confidence in their ability to build a web site or learn how to make money from home.

Most Internet marketing training assumes the student already knows how to create a web site or understands things like FTP, SEO, SERPs, backlinks, etc. They therefore fail to provide guidance for every step of the process.

So I determined that once I had found success with my methods, I would write a detailed explanation of what I learned and the steps I took, down to the littlest nuts and bolts, so that other newbies wouldn’t have to experience the months of confusion and lack of progress. It turned into a full 8-week course that I have taught here in Michigan to several groups of eager students, and now, this eCourse.

The affiliate marketing lessons in this course are geared specifically toward the extreme newbie.

Sometimes, you just need someone to help you navigate unfamiliar territory. Nothing wrong with that. That’s why I’m here.

The purpose of this Internet marketing “school in a book” is not to be a comprehensive explanation of all ways to make money at home online. That’s information overload and a sure recipe for failure. We are also not going to get into more advanced methods and affiliate marketing techniques. A future course will have to address those.

If you work hard and don’t give up too soon, you will be successful. Don’t get distracted. Do one thing and do it well. Then if you want to expand your skill set, the foundation of knowledge you have built will give you a huge headstart on your next endeavor.


What if you don’t think you can learn this?

Then you are exactly who will benefit most from this course. Taken as a whole, learning affiliate marketing can be daunting. But my lesson plan will help you learn all the necessary concepts little by little, step by step, at your pace. Broken down, it's actually not that complicated. You don't have to have a technical mind to do this. It's not rocket surgery, after all ;)


I've created the course I wish I'd had when I was an affiliate marketing beginner.


Well, that’s enough about me. Let’s talk about you. What do you think of me?

Ah, I love that joke. Sorry, I just had to work it in.


How much do you have to know to take this course?

The only thing this course assumes is that you already have the most basic computer skills. That means navigating the Internet; using e-mail; opening, saving, and closing files; organizing files and folders; and copying and pasting text. Of course, if you aren’t comfortable using a computer, it’s not likely you would be looking into this field in the first place. But if you do need assistance in any of those areas, I would recommend having a friend or colleague help you out. Beyond that, everything will be explained and demonstrated in detail, so don’t worry about having to know anything more than the basics above.

You get all the same valuable information that I teach to my local students, but in electronic format for your convenience, instantly delivered. In fact, you get more, because in a classroom setting, sometimes it's difficult to cover all the intended material due to time constraints and the varying pace of individual students. But in this eCourse, it’s just you and me. And I mean that, because I am available by e-mail and our student forum anytime you have a question or problem.

Buy with confidence because this is the real deal. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If after completing the lessons in this course, you are unable to make money, I will refund every last cent. These methods work, if you work.

100% satisfaction money-back guarantee


Will this cost more money down the road?

One of the great things about affiliate marketing is that the start-up costs of an Internet business are ridiculously low in comparison to the initial costs of “real” businesses. The only other expenses you'll have is $7 or $8 for a domain name (per year) and after your year of free hosting is up, it will cost between $5 and $12 a month to renew, depending on the plan that you need at the time.

As your revenue increases and you can afford it, you may want to branch out and spend more on programs or advertising, but you truly can get started—and continue indefinitely—on a shoestring. So, no, it won't cost you another penny if you don't want it to (other than the domain and hosting, as mentioned above) and yet the revenue will continue to come in.

Would you like to see a sample lesson before you decide? No problem!


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Of course, price is an important consideration in this economy. Fortunately, on the Internet, information can be conveyed much more easily and inexpensively than in the old days (you know, the ‘80s) when we used to have to tie stuff to the legs of pigeons and hope for good flying weather. So when you purchase this course, you won't be paying for overhead costs of paper, printing, etc.

How many “real-world” businesses can be started for just over $100? I will venture to say that if you’re a reasonable person who’s serious about your goal to make money on the net, you realize that this is a steal. 

All my best,

P.S. No pigeons were harmed in the creation of this course.


Once again, for the super-low price of $97, you get all this:

 The 416-page Affiliate Marketing Schoolbook beginner course
 One year of FREE hosting for your web site
 A 37-page ebook, “20 Ways to Build Traffic to Your Web Site”
 Free access to the private student forum
 Personal assistance by e-mail whenever you need it
 The skills to fulfill your financial goals!


Why am I still talking?

(Believe me, you're not the only person who's wondered.)

Because I know from my own experience, there will always be a reason not to take action. Money is tight, time is tight, and energy is in short supply (unless you're 2). If you want to change your life, like I did, you have make it happen, and the sooner the better. Life is too short to spend it doing a job you don't love.

Remember, with affiliate marketing you can:

 Work from home or anywhere you can access the Internet
 Work when you want to
 Have extra cash deposited in your account regularly
 Save for a family vacation, college tuition, or retirement
 Spend all day working on things you truly enjoy
 Be free to travel whenever and wherever you want
 Learn a skill that will generate income for years into the future

100% money-back guarantee


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Things you could do without for a while to raise the $97:

Ninety-seven dollars is roughly 2 dinners out for a family of 4. It’s a cut and color at the salon. It’s 2 or 3 cartons of cigarettes.

Things you could sell:

Sell that awful bridesmaid dress on eBay. (You never want to see pink satin again anyway, right?)

Sell a couple of your husband’s golf clubs. He won’t notice.

If you’re the husband, sell some of your wife’s shoes. Hopefully, she won’t…on second thought, better not. Internet marketing is kind of tricky when you’re wearing a cast.

Yes, this is tongue in cheek, but it might spark some ideas for you. Just don’t sell the kids. Yet. Wait till the recession is over, at least.

And don't forget the money-back guarantee: If after completing the lessons in this course, you are unable to make money, I will give you a 100% refund.

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