Affiliate Marketing Schoolbook

by Laura B

You know, I was NOT planning on creating a product about how to make money from home. I mean, once I learned how to make cash with affiliate marketing, it did cross my mind that it would be fun to teach others how to do it too, but I knew that the make-money-online niche was way too overcrowded. And I'm a bit claustrophobic.

So I laughed in disdain at the thought that I would ever try to compete in this saturated market.

Then ... I caved. I guess I heard one too many sad stories about people getting scammed, and I wanted to help the other ethical marketers out there to level the playing field a little for newbies, because I had been one.

The other factor that impelled me was this: I couldn't find an affiliate marketing course that explained every step, starting from the beginning. The very beginning. I found learning AM to be like putting together a complicated puzzle (I sometimes feel that I still haven't found all the pieces), and I came into it with experience in site building! I couldn't imagine how hard it was for someone who knew little about the web!

So I really wanted to help others learn not only the technical aspects of making a web site, but also the marketing knowledge that's necessary in order to make a living at this.

Learning to make money on the Internet is like jumping into a pool filled with hungry sharks. So much so that many people come to the conclusion that there is simply no legitimate way to do it; they're ALL scams. And that's a shame, because real Internet marketing actually exists, is relatively easy to learn, and can be very lucrative.

So I congratulate you, because you have found an honest, realistic way to earn extra money at home! This isn't the only right way, but it's the best and easiest, in my opinion.

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